Windows 10

Windows 10 so far

This page will be used for sharing learnings and comments about Windows 10. Feel free to add a comment

Finding your photos

The photos app has been upgraded so that you can browse your photos by folders as well as collections and albums. To do this click on the third icon from the top left of the photos app.  You can then browse to wherever your photos are stored by clicking on the blue caption above the photos.


Making the start screen use the full screen.

The start screen can be confined to a relatively small area on the left or occupy the whole screen.  To switch between the two right click anywhere on the screen and choose “Personalise” from the drop down menu. This will give access to quite few options for changing the appearance of your screen,  none of them affect the performance of the computer so feel  free to experiment.  The Start screen is controlled by clicking “Start” on the left. A series of options controlled by switches appears and the one we want is labelled “Use full screen”.  To change the status of a switch click inside the oval shape.

Email app settings

Some people are reporting difficulty in sending or receiving emails with the built in app, the most likely cause is the settings for your ISP are incorrect.  Here is how you can change them:

  • Click on the toothed wheel icon at the bottom left of the screen
  • A settings pane will appear on the right, choose accounts at the top
  • Click on the account that is giving you problems and then “change mailbox sync settings”
  • There are several switches that let you control what messages you see. Click on “Advanced settings”
  • The Incoming and Outgoing email servers need to match the ones provided by your service provider.  These should be available on the their website
  • Similarly the four switches at the bottom need to match settings for your provider
  • Click “Done” and the “Save”.

Windows 10 knows the settings for gmail and addresses and may well know them for others, so you only need to follow this if you are having problems.




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