How do I..? sessions

The “How do I..?” sessions have proven to be the most popular learning activity in Seniornet Wairarapa.  They are held on most Tuesday afternoons for 1.30 to 3.00 pm.  Each week a topic is advertised beforehand and then demonstrated on a projector screen.  Discussions often follow on the best way of achieving the goal and questions are always welcomed.

This is a list of typical topics for the sessions and we are always open to suggestions.

    • Inserting photos into documents
    • Use an ereader
    • Web browsing
    • Creating photo panoramas
    • Organising your computer
    • Maintaining your computer
    • Make best use of a printer
    • Scan photos
    • Email techniques
    • Download programs
    • Use an online calendar/diary
    • Using Skype
    • Use Google earth and Google maps
    • Use a USB drive
    • Back up your computer
    • Change the appearance of your screen
    • Draw with
    • Convert photos into movies
    • Use Picasa
    • Share my photos with others
    • Organise my computer
    • Backup and restore files, including photos
    • Put files on CD’s,DVD’s and USB drives
    • Edit photos with Picasa
    • Protect my computer from malware
    • iPad Group
    • Android Smartphones
    • iPhones



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